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Facility Siting Workshop
Focused on the new requirements of the API Recommend Practice 752 Third Edition, Management of Hazards Associated with Location of Permanent Process Plant Buildings, which was revised to address specific OSHA concerns during the refinery NEP inspections.
Price: $995.00

Chemical Reactivity Management
Understanding the how, when and why materials react is essential to managing chemical processes. Many facilities may not be aware of potential reactive hazards outside their normal operating limits. It is these undesired reactions, including side reactions, decompositions, polymerizations, etc. that can lead to uncontrolled situations and reactive chemical incidents, such as runaway reactions and explosions. This course will explain how to select appropriate methodologies, identify potential rea
Price: $1,395.00

Effective Characterization & Modeling of Depressuring Systems Workshop
This workshop is facilitated and led by Dr. Georges A. Melhem, FAIChE, who is well known for his contributions to pressure relief and flare system evaluation methods. Dr. Melhem is a key member of the API Subcommittee on Pressure Relief Systems, which is tasked with the maintenance and development of API STD 520 and 521 that include consideration of depressuring systems.
Price: $995.00

A Primer on Facility Siting and Building Risk
This one day workshop will cover the regulatory requirements for facility siting and provide an overview of the methods to satisfy the requirements. We will specifically review the American Petroleum Institute (API) recommended practice (RP) 752 (Management of Hazards Associated with Location of Process Plant Permanent Buildings) and 753 (Management of Hazards Associated with Location of Process Plant Portable Buildings). These documents provide guidance for managing the risk from explosions...
Price: $995.00

Customize the Process Safety Office - HAZOPtimizer Component risk-ranking matrix and PHA Checklist

Combustible Dust - the Basics
This course is best suited and intended for safety, facility, supervisory and engineering personnel tasked with the responsibility of protecting against combustible dust hazards.
Price: $995.00

Deflagration Vent Sizing
This course will cover how to size deflagration vents to meet the NFPA 68 requirements. Sizing requirements, including input parameters, for deflagration vents (high pressure and low pressure enclosures) will be explained.
Price: $595.00

Consequence Analysis Modeling AND Quantitative Risk Analysis
Consequence Analysis Modeling AND Quantitative Risk Analysis.

Consequence Analysis Modeling
This four-day course is a comprehensive discussion on the concepts and principles of consequence analysis and modeling.
Price: $1,295.00

Auditing Pressure Relief and Flare System Design
The Auditing Emergency Relief Systems module provides guidance on how to conduct efficient and effective Pressure Relief and Flare System design audits to ensure compliance, safety, and reliability. Special emphasis is placed on how operating companies can leverage past efforts to bring their existing Pressure Relief and Flare System documentation into compliance. This module will help process/safety engineers and managers achieve compliance and address potential discrepancies in their Pressure
Price: $395.00