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Quantitative Risk Analysis

Training Courses-Quantitative Risk Analysis
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QRA with Facility Siting
Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRAs) is a method for comprehensively understanding the risks from a particular process or operation. QRAs provide an additional level of analysis to HAZOPs or What-If studies. QRAs can minimize subjectivity while providing a more rational decision making process for managing and evaluating process safety.
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Consequence Analysis Modeling AND Quantitative Risk Analysis
Consequence Analysis Modeling AND Quantitative Risk Analysis.

Quantitative Risk Analysis
Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) demonstrates how the results generated through conducting consequence analysis studies can be expanded to give a full quantitative risk analysis. It considers additional input required, including failure rate data, the effects of population and ignition sources, and meteorological data. Individual risk and societal risk criteria are both addressed. This module provides guidance on how to conduct an effective quantitative risk analysis.